Personal Tuition – University and Vocational Education Students

I will assist you to understand the content you are learning, as well as develop and apply the skills needed to complete assignments and prepare assessment tasks. I will assist you to learn critical thinking and analysis skills that will help you to put your best foot forward in your studies.

What's Included:

I will assist you to learn and understand content that is being delivered online and in face-to-face sessions, including Lectures, Tutorials, Workshops, and Practicals.

I will assist you to understand what is being asked for in assignments so you can complete assessment tasks to the best of your ability.

I will help you demystify concepts and make your learning material more accessible.

I also proof read your assessment tasks so that they do not have “little errors” that distract your assessors.

I will help you identify your skills and strengths, and help you prepare for assessment tasks and exams in such a way as to maximise your learning potential.

NOTE: I do not provide an assessment (assignment) writing service.

How It Works

Your University learning experience is personal to you. Here is one example of a how Personal Tuition with me may go:

1: Step One

Contact me to discuss your needs and timeline; we meet in person, or via Skype, to review your Lecture material or assessment task.

2: Step Two

I help you to translate the learning material from your course (degree) so that you can understand the content, and also guide you to prepare your assessment tasks, eg Practical (Laboratory) Reports.

3: Step Three

I work with you to develop your knowledge, skills, and self-confidence in your area of study, including your ability to complete assessment tasks and exams.

NOTE: I do not provide an assessment (assignment) writing service.