Personal Tuition – Primary and Secondary School Students

I will work towards improving the learning experience of your child by developing their understanding of the topic(s) under study, and their ability to answer questions and solve problems. I will work towards developing their critical thinking skills, including being able to double check their own work to look for errors and correct them in real-time.

What's Included:

Personal Tuition with me is individual to you and your child. Sessions are in your home at a time that suits you (subject to availability). 

Sessions are one (1) hour long and generally once per week, although twice per week is also a common selection by parents.

Boot-camps (3+ hours) are available for targeted learning, including catching up on missed in-class work, completing assignments, or preparing for exams.

I develop a Personalised Learning Programme for you child, and/or I work through homework and assignments in-line with your child’s School schedule.


How It Works

1: Step One

We talk over the phone (or via email), and I get a broad overview of why you are looking for Personal Tuition, and where you want assistance with your child’s learning.

2: Step Two

We meet in person, in your home, to chat and get to know each other, and I delve deeper into why you are investigating Personal Tuition, for what subjects, and in what particular areas (if known), as well as what are your child’s goals. I will bring some exercises (worksheets) with me to work through with your child, in order to ascertain where they are currently in their knowledge and skills and to identify what areas may require development and practice.

3: Step Three

I develop a Personalised Learning Programme for you child based on what I observe in the first few sessions, and/or if your child has specific textbooks and exercises or assignments. This is a “living” Programme, and changes alongside the needs, wants, development, and progression of your child.