Document Review, Edit, Format, and Proof Read

I will take over the tedious work of proof reading and editing your work. This could be an assignment, a thesis, a grant application, or a journal article for publication. I will proof read, edit, and format your work so that it looks professional, and does not have “little errors” that distract your reader.

I can provide academic (intellectual) input if required, however, I do not provide an assignment (assessment) writing service.

What's Included:

I provide a variety of document review services:

Proof reading (simple text changes only).

Proof reading with minor grammatical editing.

Proof reading with major grammatical editing.


Academic (intellectual) input for assignments, assessments, theses, grant applications, or research for publication.

NOTE: I do not provide an assessment (assignment) writing service.

How It Works

Document review is personal to you.  Here is one example of a possible process:

1: Step One

Contact me to discuss your needs and timeline; then you send me the document in Word (other file types by consultation).

2: Step Two

I review your document in Track Changes (in Word), and send it back to you (other comment modes by consultation).

3: Step Three

You review the Track Changes and Accept/Reject as you see fit; and submit your assignment, thesis, or grant application.