My name is Dr Blair Nield, and I am a dedicated and experienced educator

My focus is the individual.
I work with your child to identify their individual learning needs, and develop a Personalised Learning Programme to assist them develop their self-confidence and ability to complete their work, so they may enjoy learning and do well in their studies.

Education provides the power of choice

Assist your child to gain independence through
Personal Tuition with me

Is your child having difficulties with learning at School? Are they progressing slowly in their studies, and showing low motivation to do work?

Do you want to help your child to perform better at School and enjoy their studies?

Do you want somebody else to help your child with their homework and assignments?

I will work with your child to assist them make sense of complex concepts and make learning more accessible, so they may experience less stress in class and have a greater willingness to learn.

My Story

I am a Scientist, a Biologist, a Biochemist, a Molecular Biologist, an Environmental Toxicologist, a user of Mathematics, a Communicator, and an Educator.

I am dedicated to a providing a Personal Learning Experience to assist your child engage with their learning, and develop their skills, confidence, independence, as well as interest in (and a passion for) the topics they are studying.

I have outstanding skills in distilling and communicating complex scientific and mathematical concepts to students in Primary and Secondary School, as well as Tertiary (University) and Vocational Education. I will work towards improving the learning experience of your child, by developing their understanding of the topic(s) under study, as well as the application of this knowledge to questions and problems, and their critical reasoning skills, including being able to double check their work to look for errors and correct them in real-time. I will also assist your child to develop and improve their communication skills (written and spoken) so that they may answer questions in assignments and assessments.

I will develop a Personalised Learning Programme for you child, to help them to understand and apply the fundamental skills and pieces of knowledge needed to build their capacity for life-long learning, which may contribute to a productive and meaningful career and personal existence.

Experience and Expertise

I have a PhD in (Bio-)Chemistry, a Masters in Environmental Toxicology, and a Bachelors in Biotechnology (with Honours). 

I have worked in and around the Science industry for over 25 years, including 11 years experience as a Lecturer at UTS, in the School of Life Sciences, where I won the 2017 UTS Individual Teaching Award, and a 2012 Teaching Citation, for excellence in education, and research into improving education and employment outcomes for students.

Who I Work With

Parents of Primary and Secondary School Students

Are you a Parent who wants to assist your child improve their School study success?

University, TAFE, and Vocational Education Students

Are you behind in your studies? Do you have an assignment or assessment coming up?

Job Applicants and Writers

Are you struggling to decode job advertisements and write quality job applications? Are you writing something and want to make it easy to read and look professional?

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Are you ready to assist your child achieve their best? Do you want less stress at homework time? Do you want your child to enjoy School?

Do you want more time to work on your writing, research, or creating? Do you want to fuss less with formatting, proof reading, and editing?