Attention Span

Are you losing focus while studying? Do you fade in/out while listening in class? Do you want to increase your attention span? Being able to stay focused while studying increases your ability to take in, and later remember, learning material.  Staying focused also decreases the quantity of time you need to spend studying, as you […]

Cell Theory

Cell Theory tells us that all Cells come from pre-existing Cells, but where did the first Cell come from? Wow, what a question!  It leads us to the Origins of Life, which is huge question for Scientists (eg Biologists and Astrophysicists) and Theologians, alike.  Here, I write about Endosymbiosis, a theory for the development of […]

Working with Interest


Interest?  What is it, and who does it benefit?   Interest, in financial terms, is an amount of money earned on either (i) a savings account, (ii) an investment, or (iii) a loan.  In the first two cases, the interest earned benefits the person putting money into the savings account, or making the investment.  In the […]